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This is no simple litter mat – The Pet Champion Hole Cat Litter Mat definitely has layers. The waffled top layer is designed to catch litter and debris, while any excess loose litter sifts to the bottom layer, where it collects until you are ready to throw it away. That means your cat won’t be treading extra litter all over the house! To discard the debris, simply separate the layers and shake the litter from the bottom into the garbage. No more sifting through dirty debris, no more kitty litter under the sofa and scattered over the rugs.

Key Benefits
  • Waffled 2-layer system for sifting and catching excess litter.
  • Easy pour-out discarding system—just shake it!
  • Made of durable black foam that’s comfy on kitty feet.
  • Designed to help keep your home cleaner.
  • Sophisticated black design for a non-cutesy approach to litter clean-up.

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